A Healing Retreat Where You Can Find Purpose, Prevent Burnout

Plan a vacation where you come home not just physically rested, but mentally and spiritually restored. Inner Odyssey Retreats provides healing retreats to help you slow down, gain perspective and make lasting changes to your life.

Our customized health and wellness retreats on beautiful and peaceful Salt Spring Island offer the ultimate in quiet time and growth. Time to reflect. Time to find optimism and purpose. Time to relieve burnout and make a fresh start.

All of our retreats are customized to fit your temperament, pacing and needs. We use a broad mix of methods to help you decompress, achieve your life goals, including one-to-one counseling, yoga, meditation, massage, journaling and guided reflective activities. Retreats range from 36 hours to a week, depending on your time and needs.

Healing retreats for executives

To make sound decisions under pressure, sometimes you need to step back from the urgency of work and rekindle the spark that keeps you going. Our healing retreats for executives are custom-tailored to your needs. Create your own private experience or bring along colleagues or friends. Learn how to relieve stress and develop tools for regeneration during your all-inclusive inner journey at our idyllic setting on Salt Spring Island. If you prefer, we can come to your location or you can join our sessions for executives in Hawaii or Mexico.

With over 30 years of experience as coaches, facilitators and registered counselors, Sharon Bronstein, MSW and Alan Caplan, MA know how to make participants feel comfortable, invite self-inquiry and provide guidance and insights.

Get personalized attention from two experienced counselors. To schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn how we can design a retreat specifically for you, contact Inner Odyssey Retreats.