Couple's Retreats



The responsibilities of everyday life can dull the passion and love you  and your partner feel for each other. An Inner Odyssey couple's retreat  is an opportunity to restore and deepen connections and resolve  conflicts while in the tranquil setting of Victoria, BC. We  believe that when you're attentive to your own needs, you become more  available to your partner and your relationship



Whether you're struggling as a couple or you simply want to improve on  an already good relationship, our customized programs will help you  achieve your goals as individuals and as a couple. We have many methods  and activities that we use, including a relationship renewal kit that  introduces experiential ways of moving past stuck places. We introduce  you to guided activities to explore your strengths and work through your  differences. You will each relax and become more receptive through  meditation, massage, journaling, and guided reflective activities.

Real Help


Find your way to a healthier, happier partnership with meaningful time  away. With the focused attention of  an experienced couple who are registered counsellors with over 30 years of experience, you and your partner can address difficult issues without it becoming overwhelming.  

Whether you have three days, a week, or something in between, we can create a couples retreat to meet your needs.