Group Retreats

Group Retreats

Sometimes you have to get team members out of their offices to  establish trust, find optimism and learn better ways to communicate and  resolve conflict. Often, you need more than a simple getaway: you need a  team building event led by professional facilitators, coaches and counsellors.

Unlike some team building retreats, at Inner Odyssey Retreats we don't  use a cookie-cutter program for every group. Our two counsellors work  with you, as a group and individually, to develop and deliver a unique  program that meets your specific needs.  

Our customized group retreats can be held at our peaceful setting in Victoria, BC or at another location of your choosing. You can even  choose the duration of your retreat, anywhere from 3 hours to 5 days,  depending on your needs and availability.  

We have over 30 years of  experience in group and individual coaching methods. We have a wide  variety of activities and techniques we employ, including de-stressing,  time-stretching, trust building, conflict resolution, effective feedback  techniques, effective communication, and guided reflective activities. 

Team building retreats at your office

Your team doesn't have to pack up or take off large amounts of time  to benefit from a retreat. Our counselors and facilitators can guide  your team through a personal renewal experience in their own offices. We  can create condensed retreats, from a lunch-hour to a half- or full-day  session, and integrate them with existing company gatherings. No matter  how you choose to structure your retreat, your team members will emerge  revitalized, relaxed and with a new sense of purpose.

If low morale, distrust or poor communication is affecting your team and  their performance, a team building retreat facilitated by experienced,  professional counselors can turn it around.